Choosing the Right Coffee Machine for You

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Due to the fact that the efficiency in which the coffee maker extracts flavor from the coffee grounds, choosing the best home coffee machine for your needs is critical. Here are a few of the different kinds of coffee machines.

best home coffee machine

Percolator: These days, you can find vintage and new models of percolators. Many of the mainstream coffee maker manufacturers make stainless steel models that will make 4 cups all the way up to 30 cups. You can find electric percolators or models that are meant to be used over a campfire or on a stove at home. There is a bubble window on the lid that allows you to see when the coffee is ready. Moving the percolator off of the heat keeps it from continuing to brew and becoming stronger. Some of the electric models actually have a setting that allow you to set how strong/weak you want it.

Auto-Drip: This is the model that most people use. It is comprised of a carafe made of tempered glass, a power base with a cord, a water reservoir, a hinged plastic lid, and a filter basket. Simply measure the grounds into the filter and pour the amount of water you want into the reservoir. Some models even have timers that you can set up at night so that you wake up to freshly brewed coffee.

French Press: This is a stainless or glass container in which you put in freshly ground beans and hot water. The components of the French press are: pot, lid with plunger, screen attached to plunger. You must only use coarse grounds so that they do not get through the screen and into your coffee. Many coffee aficionados prefer the French press because it produces the best flavor. The quality though, depends upon the skill of the person brewing it.

Espresso: This is a machine that makes a very strong, rich, and dark brew. Italian bistros favor this type of machine. The coffee is finely ground and packed in so that the strong flavor is created. The coffee from this machine has a higher volume of bean solids than regular coffee.