Ejuice has other names and one happy fact

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This short, informational article is geared towards those smoking consumers who are just beginning to collate information on the growing trend of electronic cigarette smoking, also known as e-cigarette smoking or vaping. Ejuice is also known as eliquid or e-fluid. What is the happy fact for long-suffering smokers and their long-lost loved ones? Let’s leave that juicy tidbit for last, in line with the healthy habit of ending a story with a happy ending.

Ejuice is the liquefied mixture used in electronic smoking products. These solutions come in numerous variations, including and in particular, varying nicotine strengths to cater towards smokers’ esthetic requirements. They also come in a variety of flavors. At the time of writing, the flavors are now piling up into the thousands. That is an amazing fact, but it is not the concluding fact. Wait for it, nearly there. Typical e-juice ingredients include propylene glycol and glycerin.


These formulas are included to induce the smoke-emitting effects traditionally enjoyed by regular smokers. It makes up a majority of the eliquid solution’s contents. The minimal balance is made up of the materials that deal with flavor and the so-called nicotine buzz. This is not entirely good. The obvious fact is that the e-cigarette must still contain nicotine. Or must it. Minimal or not, there are still health hazards that smokers are brave enough to face up to.

While it comes in its varieties of strength, the nicotine content is substantially lower than that contained in tobacco cigarettes still doing the rounds of suffering smokers still trying in vain to give up smoking. Speaking of which, this news is for them. There are now e-cigarette alternatives that contain no nicotine at all. Happy news indeed.