How To Start Your YouTube Channel

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There’s a lot more to starting a YouTube channel than simply filming with a drone from There is a lot of hard work that needs to happen before you begin filming.

Firstly, you need to know what your goal is. What genre of video will you be creating? Who is your target audience? What will differentiate your channels from others on the web?

After you have your niche you can start outlining video ideas. Simply turning on the camera and talking to it is not recommended. If you’re the type of channel that will simply be recording audio, you should have a script handy. For those who will be in front of the camera a script may not be necessary. In some cases, reciting a script seems wooden. Just briefly outline what you want to say before you start filming. In the case of comedic sketches, a script along with direction is obviously needed especially if you’ll be collaborating with other YouTubers.

Having a niche is important. Let’s take the example of I Hate Everything. This channel saw huge success because it caters to a niche. All the videos are negative reviews of popular culture. It’s clean, concise and to the point. Other parts of the channel, like the Search For The Worst series, still stays within this niche of negativity. Therefore, viewers subscribe and keep coming back for similar content. I Hate Everything is also a good example of a YouTuber who only records their voice and edits it with clips and animations. I Hate Everything has also said that he prefers to read from a script when recording, yet his delivery remains natural.

Vloggers should also have a niche. Vegan vloggers, comedic vloggers or beauty vloggers each attract a different audience. Vloggers have the added benefit of being able to use