How To Tell If You’re Psychic

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Ever had the feeling that you might be psychic, but you’re not sure? If you often write things off as being déjà vu or coincidence, you might be psychic. Don’t ignore the fact that you sometimes know things will happen before they do or that you can sense when a situation isn’t all it seems. Most people actually do have some measure of psychic ability, but repress it. By admitting to yourself that you might have abilities, you allow those abilities to grow. Here are a few ways how to tell if you’re psychic.

1.    Your intuition is almost always spot on

You’ll often know who is calling you before you answer the phone and you know when other are pregnant before they do. While you might just write this off as being able to read people or having good intuition, knowing about things before they occur is a sign of being psychic.

2.    Déjà vu happens regularly

Most people experience déjà vu now and then, but if you experience the feeling almost daily you might be psychic. Feeling familiar with new people or knowing things about a location you haven’t been before are classic signs of psychic ability.

3.    You often dream or see things that happen later

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Having visions is common for those with psychic abilities. Most people receive their visions in the form of dreams, but some might even see things that aren’t really happening while they are awake. If either of these apply to you, you might be psychic.

4.    Your gut instinct is rarely wrong

You’ve often told others you have a bad feeling about a person or a place only for them to call you paranoid, but then you were proven right later.