Off Road Ice Skating in Canada

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Ice skating is a blast when you’re on a rink, playing hockey or skating with friends. For some, however, that simple experience isn’t enough. There has been a whole movement of people taking skating from the small ponds and rinks hitting the wintery trails of Canada. We are going to cover some of the cooler (no pun intended) trails you should lace those ice skates up for should you find yourself up Canada way.

Arrowhead Provincial Park in Ontario contains a 1.3 km (or about .8 miles for us uncivilized Americans) trail that has proved extremely popular as of late. They even have a “Fire and Ice” night where the trail is lit by tiki torches; which sounds perfect for a date. Many couples agree. The trail is possibly one of the biggest winter attractions in Ontario right now.

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In Winnipeg, a place known for its cold weather even amongst Canadians is home to the longest of this type of Ice Skating trails. This 5km (3 miles) trail wraps around the Red and Assiniboine Rivers and is dotted periodically by warming huts. Although the people of Winnipeg have been cursed to freeze every winter, they seem to have made the best of it.

The Canal that runs through Ottawa is prone to freezing, and when it does, the Ice skates come out. This trail is exceptionally long since it feeds the local river into downtown Ottawa, If you are lucky enough to be in the area when the canal freezes over, you will be treated to the site of hundreds of people gliding through the center of their city.

MacGregor Point Provincial Park in Port Elgin, Ontario has a trail complete with Yurts. If you’re looking for a nice camping/skating combo with some Mongolian flavor, and who isn’t, then this is the place for you. Though it’s a shorter trail, it is adequately lit to open late into the night.